How A Toaster Made Me Realize The Importance Of Breakfast

A friend of mine who is a nutritionist has been emphasizing the importance of breakfast to me, every time we talk. Even though I had not been taking the advice seriously, recently I decided to try preparing appetizing breakfast recipes. Most of the recipes I got online are great, but I wanted recipes that are easy, which I can prepare quickly in the morning. It didn’t take me long before I found what I was looking for that would help me start the day with some energy. Its bread toast recipes, they are easy to make, tasty and can be prepared quickly, which is great for a breakfast meal.


I got many bread toast recipes online like egg bread toast and French toast that are tasty, which can also be combined with sliced fruits and vegetable to make a delicious sandwich. The only setback I encountered is I did not have a pop up toaster to start preparing the bread toasts immediately. Since I had never owned a toaster before, it was a bit hard choosing the appropriate one for me, so I searched online for the best toaster. Searching for the best toaster with ratings made it easy for me to choose the best among the many brands available in the market. I bought a toaster that is speediest, toasts two toasts at the same time and has a good appearance and design. I really like the toaster since it pops up the bread when it’s ready so I don’t have to worry about it get burnt.

I now consider breakfast to be not only the most important meal but also my favorite meal. Lately I have been preparing some simple toast recipes, such as bread spread with either avocados, eggs, cheese, butter and any other tasty additions. This has made me not want to miss breakfast even a single day, thanks to the great toaster. The toaster is working impressively well and is matching the rating given to it by experts. I have been telling my friends how they can they can breakfast more enjoyable by preparing toasts or sandwiches with ingredients that are high in protein and carbohydrates.

Which Is The Best Chef Knife for The Money


I have tried a few good kitchen knives in my lifetime but I ‘m yet to find the best chef knife for the money. I was gunning for a kitchen knives block set until my best friend warned me against it and told me that buying single knives was better. The reason of course he said was because most kitchen knife sets that people buy almost always have redundant knives that are never used (which is true to some point). This translates to wastage of money that would otherwise have done better things for the kitchen.

So I recently got into deeper research and decided I would find the best kitchen that cost less. The problem with this is that you will get confused especially if you’re new to kitchen knives like me. I came across so many options that going back to my original kitchen knives block didn’t seem like a bad idea anymore. But one thing I can advice you if you’re looking for a good kitchen knife is that patience is key. After going through a few options, I finally zeroed in on my favorite 5. From there it was just a matter of cost and the sharpest edge although there’s the issue with how long the knives maintain their sharpness until you need to sharpen your knife. (Related article: How to maintain kitchen knife sharpness)

I have bought a kitchen knife that I can use for the time being but I’m still searching for a long lasting friend in the kitchen if you know what I mean… what is the best chef knife for the money? Can I get any suggestions? I’m looking for a durable knife that is sharp out of the box and one that maintains sharpness the longest. The overall construction of the knife should be great because I want a knife I can use for years. Please help! Any cheap good kitchen knives out there?

My Brown Rice Cooker Experience

I recently got convinced that brown rice is better for my health. My decision to shift from white rice to brown rice has however been made difficult because of one factor; finding the best rice cooker for brown rice. Well, I initially used the ordinary Cuisinart rice cooker for cooking white rice so I naturally tried cooking brown rice in the same cooker. Yes, the brown rice cooked but the quality was rather low. The outcome was a more crunchier rice than the one I ate in the dieting seminar hat played the key role in my change in diet.

I love best quality food and poorly cooked brown rice is something I definitely wasn’t going to endure. This is when my quest for a perfect brown rice cooker began.

I talked to friends and searched online for the best rice cooker for brown rice and the feedback I obtained constituted rather inconsistent views. On one hand some of my sources opined that it is impossible to properly cook brown rice using rice cookers. On the other hand, I came to learn that actually there are rice cookers that have specific settings for cooking brown rice.

On my window shopping, I viewed a number of such rice cookers. I can’t vividly remember the full model names since they had long codes but Zojirushi, Sanyo, Panasonic and Aroma were the names in part. I almost bought Aroma because of the its relatively pocket-friendly price tag but I read on this rice cooker review site that Zojirushi rice cooker produce the best quality brown rice so I bought the best Zojirushi rice cooker.

Since I bought it to date, my experience with Zojirushi rice cooker has been a fantastic one. Although I noticed it takes relatively longer to cook brown rice, the result is great. I enjoy the superbly softened brown rice. I also noticed that Zojirushi has the option to make the rice harder or softer as well as the option for quick cooking in its settings. These options have made my brown rice cooking more flexible and I believe I got value for my money.

Getting The Best Air Mattresses for My Family

We needed some new air beds and mattresses when my entire family including my parents, brother and his family, and my sister with her son wanted to come over during the Memorial Day weekend! Our house is not all that big. There is a large bedroom downstairs that we use. The two bedrooms upstairs are used by our son and daughter, and in case we have some guests, we rearrange the attic and spread some mattresses to make beds for them. Since this time the number of guests were far more than the attic could handle, we needed some new mattresses to lay in the living room to accommodate the children and ourselves. We decided to spare our bedroom for my parents and sleep in the living room with others. So we got looking at reviews of the best air mattresses 2016 to decide which mattress to buy. That was a month or so before their expected arrival!


Most mattresses that we looked at offered similar features. After some intense search though, we located an air bed that had a pillow casing inbuilt within the mattress. That was very important since we didn’t have sufficient pillows at home and buying them separately would be a real waste of money. This mattress was a twin, meaning we could accommodate two persons separately yet tuck in the same double sheet in its flocked top to give it the appearance of a large queen bed. My husband had a bad knee and he couldn’t bend much to get in and out of bed. This mattress was also great for him since if the twins would be folded one on top of the other, it would give additional height and make it a lot easier for my husband to get in and out!

The other features included a pump that would silently monitor the mattress for air pressure and inflate it automatically in case air escaped and the mattress would go limp. This was important to provide firmness throughout the night and assure a more restful sleep. The flocking was also made of good material, and most customers who had bought it were absolutely delighted with its performance!

We needed 3 of these twins, and ordered them straightaway. They were delivered within a couple of days, a week or so before the weekend. Most family had come over on Thursday of that weekend, and from that night all through the next Tuesday when they left, they slept soundly like logs through the night, each night. In fact, my parents and sister now wish to come over during Christmas! This time, my husband’s brother is also coming over, so we are again going to have a large family at home! No worries though, we know we can have them all sleep comfortably, and perhaps can fit in some more like a friend and his wife who is known to everyone in the family. They also wish to be a part of the merriment and relive old times together!

My Guide To The Best Sewing Machine

One of the best things as a fashion designer I love owning is a sewing machine that can perform all my works. Getting the best sewing machine can be an uphill task at times especially to a new entrant in the fashion industry. My take when it comes to matters on how to choose the best sewing machine is that one needs to do some market research so as to get the best. The market has been flooded with different types of sewing machines and without proper market search; you might end up paying so much for a sewing machine that won’t serve the purpose you wanted. Here are some steps that I always use on how to choose the best sewing machine in the market.


I always consider the main reason I need a new sewing machine. What you will learn is that different sewing machines get designed for different purposes and hence I always ensure that I shall select the device that will serve the purpose. There are sewing machines for drapery, clothing, mending, crafts and embroidery. (Related reading: Different types of sewing machine feet)

I always shop for the best sewing machine on the internet before the actual purchase. The internet always offers me the chance to do price comparisons and get the best sewing machine at the cheapest price.

I always work within a budget to ensure that the best sewing machine available is not costing more than I had planned to spend. Working within the budget enables me to search for the sewing machine that I can afford.

After you have selected the machine that you feel is the best for you, I would advise you to visit a local sewing shop to have a demonstration of its performance. It offers me the opportunity to see its actual performance, and I can decide whether it’s what I wanted or change my mind. The best sewing machine is one that I shall be comfortable working with and serving my purpose.

I will always choose a sewing machine that comes from a reputable brand and has the features that I want. I won’t just buy a sewing machine because it has got marketed as the best. I always have the brand that I trust.

How I Searched for a Serviced Office for my Business

In the modern days, serviced offices have increased in demand in the market. This has been necessitated by the high number of clients looking to rent the offices for business or for other purposes. If you are looking for a serviced office to rent, there are different ways that you can get one that will suit all your needs. This article gives you information on how I searched for a serviced office for my business.


Searching online

With the rapid development of internet technology, I realized that most property owner offering offices for rent have turned to the web to advertise vacant serviced offices for rent. Therefore, when I visited the internet, I came across thousands of offices that are vacant in different areas. The good thing is that I would find their size, price and exact location indicated, so it was easier for me to select the best one. In addition, I was able to communicate with the owners through chats, email or phone calls, so I able to negotiate for the price and reach an agreement. I found this as one of the most effective ways to search for serviced office to rent because I would search at the comfort of my home at any time of the day or night.

Property agencies

There are plenty of property agents in the market that I contacted to learn about the vacant serviced offices. The agents understood all the offices that were vacant in different areas, so I depended on them to provide the right assistance during the search.

Local search

I also moved around the area I wanted a serviced office to rent as I searched for the vacant ones. The good thing is that I was able to meet face to face with the owners, so I had the opportunity to bargain for the best deal.

My Bread Maker


Who doesn’t love bread machines? Let’s face it.I am a working professional and I hardly have any time or space for using oven that’s where my Panasonic SD-YD250 comes to the rescue. I use it every day and I can frankly say that it is one of the best bread machines that are available in the market.From the moment I purchased this product from amazon, it helped me in saving time while preparing the breakfast and also the cleaning time.It is very easy to use with simple operating buttons. Sometimes I try to add other ingredients and guess what, it won’t even spoil the taste of the loafs and actually gives a different flavor to it.

Automatic yeast dispenser and color control features impressed me.I can get three different loaf sizes and it helps a great deal in choosing the right size in accordance with my time and my appetite.I personally don’t like out side bakery store foods as they may contain harmful preservatives.So most of the time I prefer using the naturally available items such as honey,water etc.,I normally use more honey and less sugar and I feel like having the delicious and healthy cake.


Another thing which intrigues me about this wonderful bread machine is that it has smooth functioning lid so I open the lid and touch the crust to make sure it is has got the desired texture and if at all I feel anything missing or wrong, I will work around and fix the issue.I have not seen any technical issues with this so far.It works just fine.I am not worried about it as I got a one year warranty when I bought this.In addition to this it consumes very little amount of electricity and saves my power bills.Overall I am pretty much satisfied with this bread machine.

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Fun with Our Guests from Denver

We live in Colorado Springs, about 100 kms from Denver. It’s only a hour-and-a-half drive away, and we regularly have guests from Denver who come over during weekends to hike Pikes Peak or the Cheyenne Mountain State Park. They arrive Saturday morning around the time we have breakfast, and leave for the mountains within an hour or two after they have checked their camping gear and changed clothes.

They are normally back to Denver by Sunday evening after camping out the previous night. Sometimes they drop by before returning and share their experience with us, though most often they prefer driving straight back after giving us a call and thanking us for our time.
Last Saturday, my nephew and his family came over to our place. He also had his father-in-law who we somehow had not met in the past. He decided to stay back with us instead of going camping since he said he would be better off with us than spending time out in the open.

We were thrilled to have him since he sounded very amenable and appeared pleasant. My nephew, his wife, their two kids, and their German Shepherd dog left around mid morning after doing their drill of last moment check ups on gear. They sounded thrilled with the idea of camping out in the wild and left all excited.

That evening, we called over some friends for dinner. My husband took the barbecue grill out to the lawn, and we placed our music system near the stairs leading to the house. I had asked my friends to marinate stuff and bring them over so that we all could have something different. I had also marinated some spare ribs. We got going around 9 p.m., and by the time the last guest left it was well past midnight. We had a rocking party, thanks largely to my nephew’s dad-in-law who kept us in splits with his jokes. He also recounted his experience in the Vietnam and Korean wars, and all of us were attentive and hooked to the last detail.

We always look forward to having guests from Denver during weekends since we get to catch up with relatives and friends alike who we do not meet often. And if we have someone like my nephew’s dad-in-law with us, it really doesn’t get any better. We had a thoroughly enjoyable weekend. In fact, we have asked him to spend an entire week with us next time he is at Denver.